About Berkshire Hills


At Berkshire Hills we raise our dogs and puppies with the dignity and manner a beloved pet would be raised with. We don’t use kennels but rather a variety of appropriate and beautifully designed spaces in our house and property.

Many of our dogs do therapy work and so we prepare our puppies to become great therapy and companion dogs. Our puppies are exposed to a wide variety of environments and are socialized with many people before they go home. We have a social group (our “Puppy Buddies”) that comes weekly to help out with this. 


1. You will receive a Birth announcement and our document, “Getting Ready for your Puppy.”

Your puppy is born in our home where they are gently handled and started on early neurological stimulation exercises created by Dr. Carmen Battaglia. These exercises were created to help build their immune system and tolerance for stress.

2. Photos and updates will be posted on our blog weekly, so you can follow their progress.

When the puppies are 4 weeks they are moved into their own beautiful puppy house where they have safe spaces to sleep in, an outdoor playground and an indoor playroom.

The puppies are exposed to a variety of environments (ramps, mirrors, tunnels, toys, etc.) as well as an assortment of people, so they start their lives well socialized and cared for.

We began a program in 2006 called “Puppy Buddies” which is a group of volunteers from the community who come weekly to help socialize the puppies.

3.Puppy visits.

We put a lot of emphasis on matching the right puppy with the right family! When the puppies are 7 weeks old you are invited to attend our workshop on “how to raise a puppy with a therapy dog temperament” and to meet the puppies.  The final selection is made by Berkshire Hills, but your attraction to certain puppies is a respected part of the matching process.

You will receive our hand book, “Raising Your Australian Cobberdog

4. Puppies get spayed and neutered at 8 weeks.

5. Puppies go home at 9 weeks old. Your puppy package will include a fleece blanket with mom’s smell,  medical record, pedigree and other important documents including your puppy’s microchip information.