Breed Information


Therapy and Companion Dog


What is an Australian Cobberdog? 

It is a newer breed being developed for therapy and service work.

Cobber in Australia is slang for “my best mate or best friend.”

How is it different from a Labradoodles?  

For one, it’s a breed and not a cross. Its genetic make up is completely different and has been selectively and purposefully developed like all other dog breeds have been.

How is it different from the Australian Labradoodles? 

It started out genetically with the Australian Labradoodle as its foundation but going forward it has its own unique DNA footprint. The focus is on the therapy dog temperament.

Australian Cobberdogs are consistent in gentle temperaments, allergy/asthma friendly, non shedding coats and wonderful intelligence. These are the qualities we want in our dogs.

We continue to better the breed and have managed to produce soulful, intelligent dogs that predominantly have the beautiful wavy fleece coat.

Maggie and Winnie 1 Jan 1, 11Is the Australian Cobberdog the right breed for you?

The Australian Cobberdog has a unique personality all of it’s own. I would describe them as people lovers, human like in their ability to comfort and communicate, very intelligent (always the star pupil in obedience class!) definitely goofy and happy, strong athletes, calm companions (after the puppy stage!) and truly your best friend.

They are a very people oriented dog. They tend to not enjoy being left outside alone or left behind all day and night. They are true members of the family and would rather be where their people are.

Will you have time to include a dog in your life? 

They are alert barkers and will alert you to anything odd going on (someone at the door, a strange animal in the yard, etc.) They do not tend to be constant barkers, but they do like to let you know what unusual things are going on around you. Here at Berkshire Hills I thank them for the warning and then tell them that is enough, I’ll take it from here!

They do require some grooming, but not as much as other long haired breeds. Expect to bring them to the groomer about 4-5 times a year. They do not need to be washed very often due to their fleece coat.

If you are ready to fall deeply in love with your dog, then the Australian Cobberdog is the right breed for you!

(photo courtesy of Rob and Kris Libon)

What is the “Fleece coat?”

We breed true “FLEECE” coats, as it is an amazing coat seen in no other dog breed.

The fleece coat is like human hair. It is a single coat with loose loopy spirals. or soft waves. It feels soft to the touch.

The fleece coat is a lower maintenance coat needing a brushing once every week or so and rarely needs a bath.

It is non shedding and allergy/asthma friendly.

It resists dirt!  A dog with a fleece coat can be covered in mud, but once dry their coat becomes clean and sweet smelling!

Colors and sizes

Measurement is taken at the shoulder. Standard (21″-24″)  Medium (17″-20″) Miniature (12″-16″)


  • Chocolate  Rich chocolate brown color. All chocolates lighten up to a variety of chocolate shades. Most turn into cafe over time. True chocolate is a rare color. Pigment is a rose or chocolate color and eyes can be honey, amber or brown. Kiefer has remained chocolate.
  • Cafe  The color of a Latte. Some cafes have a silvery tone to it like espresso with milk. Cafes are be born chocolate but develop into a cafe in 1-3 years.  Pigment is rose or chocolate  with hazel, honey, or brown eyes. Mabel, Pip and Tasha are cafe.
  • Parchment Puppies are born milk chocolate and turn a smoky cream resembling milk with a touch of coffee. Hazel is a parchment.
  • Caramel The color of a caramel candy. Some caramel colored pups fade to a lighter caramel with time. Pigment is rose with honey, hazel or amber eyes. Carson is a caramel.
  • Apricot The color of the inside of an apricot. This color is even all over the body. The pigment on apricot is black. This is how you can tell a caramel from an apricot.
  • Apricot cream The ears are apricot , but the body is lighter, usually a warm cream.
  • Red The color is similar to caramel but the pigment is black. Paloma is red, though we call her caramel because it is a better description of her color.
  • Cream A warm creamy color.  Pigment can be black or rose. Kipling and Alice are creams.
  • Raven Black Black puppies will have black pigment. Some black puppies will turn silver.