Fall litters going home, winter litters are here!

Cadence’s puppies left to go to their new homes and Winnie’s are about to go!

Eleanor’s 4 puppies were born last weekend as were Millicent’s 11 puppies!

Cadence and Dashiell’s puppies at 9 weeks:

_ _DSC7513 - Version 2 _DSC7516 _DSC7521 _DSC7523 _DSC7526 _DSC7532 _DSC7537


Winnie’s and Zak’s puppies at 8 weeks:

_DSC7862 _DSC7873 _DSC7877 _DSC7883 _DSC7886 _DSC7888 _DSC7891 _DSC7788


Eleanor’s and Zak’s 4 day olds:



And Millicent’s and Kiefer’s day olds:


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