Reunion 2012

Berkshire Hills Reunion 2012!

With sunny blue skies over head more than 180 wonderful, loving people and their 90 Berkshire Hills dogs attended this year’s reunion!   Dogs, little children and adults swirled around, mingling and meeting each other. Doggy siblings were found, facebook friends met for the first time, and again it worked like a  harmonious dance! These dogs have the greatest temperament which is why it works so well.

7 year old Snickers and Ming were there from our first litter. Great grandmother, Willa at 8 and a half made her grand appearance. Frankie, Magnolia and Maitland came up from NYC. I got to see Henry and Pippa, Clementine and Sugar Roux, Finley and Owen, Tasha and Kiefer, Canton and Cadence, Mazel, Goji, Indy, Augie, Jasper, Max, Oliver, Ollie, both Lucys, both Winnies, Gosha, Oggie, Ester, Piper, Dante, LuLu, Chase, Nole, Turner, Bella, Zoey, Dax, Rippley, Henry, Shanti, Sweeney, Molly, Shefa, Bernie, Millie and Grace, Griffin, Mandy and Gaia, Libby, Wilson, Youk, Milo, Jackson and Franklin, Fenway, Darla, Sophie, Sadie, Edgar, little Ozzie and Maisy, Martha, Rugby and Dakota, Jaya, Wendall, Carson, Eva, Mabel, Kipling, Mabel, Olive, Tate, Sydney, Lila, Marlowe, Jack!…I don’t want to leave anyone out! Who am I forgetting?

Cynthia and Diane from Bright Spot Therapy dogs were there with Violet and Oscar. They  inspired many people to consider therapy work.

For me the reunion is a true harvest time when I get to see so many of my babies, I just love it! Thank you all for making it such a wonderful event!!

I never have time to photograph the event and then when I do it never captures the true feeling. Some reason it doesn’t look like many people were there! So please send in your photos! Here is a little video clip that I managed to get quickly on my iPhone…


Berkshire Hills Reunion 2012

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download.

(sorry that it came out sideways!)

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