This Week at Berkshire Hills

This Week at Berkshire Hills

This past weekend has been full of activity here at Berkshire Hills. Our puppy visits are going well. Many families have come by for their hour long visit in the puppy play room to meet the puppies and ask questions.

Eleanor and Paloma’s 6 week old babies are full of energy, running around grabbing toys and stopping for kisses (and nips with their new teeth! Though they are responding really well with the yip sound that tells them that it hurts us) ┬áBut at this age they crash as hard as they play. Up for 30 minutes, down for 30 minutes…With the beautiful weather this weekend the puppies also went out into their outdoors playground, which they were delighted about.

The other great news is that Winnie and Rex honey mooned this weekend!


Rex vacationed at Berkshire Hills all weekend and we all got to know and love him! Such an adaptable and easy going boy. We cannot wait to see their little muppets in two months from now!

Photos of Rex taken by Stefani Whitman

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