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Molly’s European vacation

One of the things I love to do while curled up by the fireplace as the snow silently piles up outside and the wet dogs are drying out is to think about my next vacation!

I am sure this has crossed many of your minds recently as well and I bet some of you are thinking about taking your dog with you.

Well last year Bonnie and Bob sat in their NYC apartment and thought about the same thing. And decided that they would take their Berkshire Hills dog, Molly, with them.

Destination: Europe!       Duration: Four months!

Bob was so kind to email me photos and stories of their adventures as they travelled. The trip was a success and they are back in NYC now waiting for another BH puppy. I wonder where the four of them will go!?

 “Molly has now completed about four months of travel in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France and will be in the UK for two weeks before we sail home on the Queen Mary 2.  Perhaps the most surprising part of the trip is how many people we have met because of how attracted they are to her. This was particularly true in Italy where we couldn’t go out without people (men as well as women) coming up to her and saying bellissima and bacini.  Molly has actually made our trip even more amazing.”


‘She is a magnate who attracts smiles and conversations with us. We take her to dinner wherever we go and she sleeps under the table, every few minutes someone comes up to us and asks if they could touch her and we have met more Italians and people from all over the world (including one man who lives two blocks from us in Manhattan). She has turned out to be a means to make easy and immediate contact with adoring passersby and with people who miss the dogs they have left behind. Yesterday we were in San Gimignano and three people took pictures of her. Bonnie and I were in Siena a few days ago and, because of Molly’s appeal, we had lengthy conversations with an elderly couple from Chile, a middle aged couple from Salt Lake City and a 20 something couple from Vancouver. And she seems very content to travel in the car.”




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