Our summer puppies

Our Summer puppies!

These are the adorable sweeties that will be growing up here at Berkshire Hills this summer. Louise’s seven babies and Violet’s eleven babies!

Louise’s seven puppies are four weeks old and are out in the puppy house where they can play with each other and our “puppy buddies.”  They are eating solid food but still getting sweet warm milk from mama!  The puppy house is cooler in the summer so these cuties are handling the heat pretty well.

_DSC6386 _DSC6388 _DSC6393 _DSC6396 _DSC6398 _DSC6402 _DSC6405


Violet’s babies are only six days old, still blind and deaf. They are cuddled up in our whelping room next to our bedrooms. Violet is keeping them well fed and happy, such a great mom!  The dad is Gemstone’s Topazolite (our Zak) for both litters!

_DSC6354 _DSC6358 _DSC6363 _DSC6367 _DSC6370 _DSC6373

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