Playing in the playroom

Louise’s and Zak’s puppies are now over 7 weeks old and let me tell you what a pack of 7 week olds are like! They will get into everything they can get into, just like toddlers! Today in the playroom three of them dragged the castle across the room, several of them took down the little rugs we sit on and dragged them into their potty box and they all ran around hopping, climbing and jumping onto and into everything! It was hilarious!

But pick up one puppy at a time and they are just little babies who want to snuggle. They are just SO adorable!

_DSC6519 _DSC6521 _DSC6524 _DSC6542 _DSC6555 _DSC6577 _DSC6621 _DSC6625 _DSC6631

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