Puppy Update


At Berkshire Hills, my girls like to have their puppies around the same time, so this fall we have 21 puppies! ¬†Eleanor’s 9 puppies, Paloma’s 7 puppies, and Louisa’s 5 (all have homes)

Eleanor and Paloma’s puppies are almost 4 weeks old and are just enjoying bowls full of goat’s milk along with their mama’s milk. They run over to the bowl as fast as their wobbily legs can take them and then dive in head first! ¬†They get so excited they aren’t sure whether to swim in the goat’s milk or lick the milk off themselves. They will figure it out fairly soon.

Louisa’s 5 pups are still in the whelping box. Nearly two weeks old they still have their eyes shut and sleeping most of the time. They have such shiny coats and beautiful boxy heads like the other pups, but they are on the smaller side (except for one big chunky chocolate boy!)

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