Getting ready for the storm

Getting Ready for the Storm

As you all know now the Berkshire Hills reunion has been postponed until next Sunday due to the pending storm along the east coast.

It is actually a good thing to have this weekend to prepare for the possibility of power outages. At Berkshire Hills we have to be self sufficient because there is no where else to go with 9 adult dogs and 21 puppies!

The main thing we need to do in preparation for a power outage is to have lots of water on hand. The dogs drink a lot of water and to not have a clean source would be devastating. So we fill up bath tubs and containers. We also bring dry wood in for the wood stove and then the usual things like stock up on dog food, people food, batteries, gas in car, etc.  I promise this is the year I will get a generator.

Fortunately our dogs are not concerned with thunder or other loud noises. Thank goodness because this Saturday was our neighbor’s annual WW2 re-inactment. Besides soldiers marching by our house day and night there is the constant sound of infantry weapons. The dogs give the soldiers a hard time, barking at them as they go by.  Paloma especially hates those Nazi’s. Good girl Paloma. It is an odd scene, but one we live with every year!

Good luck to everyone who may be affected by the storm and look forward to our beautiful day next Sunday!  ~Sunny

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