Grooming styles

                                   TOWN AND COUNTRY

At Berkshire Hills we have named two styles of Australian Labradoodle cuts.

The “Town cut™” which is the longer flowing style and the “Country cut™” which is an easier maintenance style. Both cuts are even all over with the tail only slightly longer.

The “TOWN” cut
VioletHere is Violet in the “Town™” cut. This style needs more brushing than the “Country” look to keep it beautiful, clean and flowing.

Violet goes to the groomers every 6 weeks to keep this cut in shape.

For the “Town” style keep the coat between 2-4 inches or longer.



The “COUNTRY” cut


The “Country™” cut (seen on Eva) is what we keep our dogs at Berkshire Hills in most of the time. It is a sportier look. At Berkshire Hills our dogs run around outside everyday and this cut reduces the amount of dirt and snow that they bring into the house. It is also easier to find ticks on them, which is a problem where we live. The “Country” cut is kept between 1-3 inches.

(Grooming by Diane Leveille)

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