Puppies head home!

Winnie and Rex’s delightful puppies head home this week.

I am very pleased with Winnie’s first puppies. They all have that wonderful soulfulness that Winnie’s line is known for and Rex brings in a terrific confidence that was evident in the puppies early on.

We did get one surprise, a very tiny and wonderful surprise name Sophie. She is only 3 lbs and is a little curly red girl with the happiest of personalities. For those who have met her they have witnessed her happy bounciness and the tail that never stops wagging, but she always keeps up with her big brothers and sisters!

So congratulations on your new homes, Nellie, Twyla (will stay here at BH), Sophie, Moose, Green boy,  Pink girl, Lego, Seamus, Jezebel, and Milan!

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